Course Description

At First Responder, we offer various first aid and CPR courses. Please review the course description before registering in the course.

Heartsaver® CPR 

This course is meant for people with limited or no medical training. Based on the Heart and Stroke’s 2015 Guidelines (previously known as Level C CPR), this straightforward and  comprehensive course will allow you to gain the skills and confidence required to respond to a cardiac arrest at home, in public or at work.
Target population: Parents and family with infants or children, general population

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Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider

This CPR course is designed for healthcare providers and trained first responders. Based on the Heart and Stroke 2015 Guidelines (previously known as BLS for Healthcare Providers), the course provides practical experience and realistic simulations of single-rescuer and multi-rescuer resuscitation. You will learn to respond to emergencies in prehospital and in-facility healthcare settings. For recertification, a valid Heart and Stroke Certificate must be presented on the day of the training. 
Target population: Healthcare professionals, students in the healthcare field, first responders.

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Standard First Aid and CPR

In this comprehensive two-day course, you will learn the first aid skills required to assist and support an injured person until emergency medical services arrive at home or in the workplace. The course is based on the Heart and Stroke 2015 Guidelines and Heartsaver® or BLS Provider CPR training is included in the training. 
Target population: General public, employer/employees meeting workplace regulations, healthcare providers, and first responders. 

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First Responder First Aid and CPR Training offers courses through the Heart and Stroke Foundation.